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Implementing SENTIO VR in Universidad Católica Archviz Program

The Diploma in Architecture Visualization in Universidad Católica of Chile is one of the few programs that emphasizes the importance of Virtual Reality for professionals in the AEC industry. We are extremely proud to partner with the University and bringing our knowledge and technology to the benefit of the participants of the Diploma.

12 professionals already working in the Arch Viz industry under the guidance of Prof. Eloy Bahamondes participated in the workshop where they learnt 

- The basics of creating 360 renders using 3ds Max.

- Creating VR walkthroughs using SENTIO VR

- Presenting in VR devices like Cardboard or Oculus Go

As part of an ongoing collaboration between the University of Católica and SENTIO VR, these students will receive free access to SENTIO VR during the diploma. 

The skill of creating VR presentations to communicate designs is becoming a need in the Arch Viz industry. The team behind SentioVR is aware of this growing need to participate in the Academia and be a tool for learning for students from Universities across the world. We’re currently working on pilots for esteemed universities in Europe, US & Latin America and look forward to sharing more success stories from our partners.

If you’re a student or a university interested to learn more, read more here.

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