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How will Oculus Quest change Architecture?

Every day more architects are interested in virtual reality because of the great irruption of lenses and platforms that we can find on the current market.

The architecture offices have a particular way to present to their customers the new projects that they are developing, and virtual reality is the technology that is entering with a lot of force in the visualization stage of unbuilt spaces.

The arrival of Oculus virtual reality lenses are taking us to the next level in terms of visualization and walk through of architectural spaces. The new technology of the sensors, new controllers and the quality of the screen, allow us to enjoy a superior immersive experience.

how to visualize my sketchup model in VR

In 2017-2018 we met the Oculus Go. These lenses allow us a great quality of visualization without depending on a PC or wires, that is perfect for client presentations and even checking the design internally with your team.

Oculus Go was the VR Headset that succeeded to captivate the mainstream public's attention. It was the first VR Headset from Oculus that didn't require wires to work, giving greater freedom of mobility and portability.

This spring, Facebook will launch the Oculus Quest, this is an improved version and more powerful than the mentioned Oculus Go. One of its main features is that you can move inside of the room thanks to the sensors included in the lenses.

With the previous Oculus Go, you were able to move through 3D models and 360 images thanks to its controller, now with Oculus Quest you will be able to walk literally and access all the spaces in your architectural design, plus you can interact with their two controllers. Enjoy your spaces created by Sketchup, Revit, 3dsMax and more!

Why architects should use Oculus Quest?

  • No more installations or cables is quick and easy.

  • No more optimizations of models for VR

  • A higher resolution of 3D Walkthroughs

  • No more VR spaces inside offices

  • Clients can buy and own their headsets

  • Powerful immersive presentations

  • Walk through your virtual spaces

  • Review with your team advances in designs

  • Save money and time

how to visualize my revit model in vr?

How much does it cost & where to buy ?

The cost of investing in the Oculus Quest can be very low considering the benefits it brings. The sensors, display quality and portability are some of the most important features when choosing a VR device.

Do not forget that by transporting it wherever you want, you can turn any place into a virtual space.

To get the lenses, you only need to pre-order them in the official Oculus Go website or in authorized stores. Release date: May 21, 2019.

How is it different from the Oculus Go

or Oculus Rift ?

We could say that this device is an improved version of the Oculus Go for its portability and performance, but something important to mention is that the development was based entirely on Oculus Rift, allowing access to the same content in the Oculus Store, having a device that mix the best of both versions. Below you can see a comparative infographic focused on some of the most important features.

Oculus Go vs Oculus Quest vs HTC Vive
Oculus Go vs Oculus Quest vs HTC Vive

We have always believed that the future of VR meetings in AEC is using mobile VR headsets. The Oculus Go initiated this process though it had some limitations. With the launch of Quest, these limitations are going to be taken care of at a convenient price point. At SENTIO VR, we will continue building the simplest 3D to VR platform for mobile headsets and look forward to sharing our insights on new developments

If you want to know more about how to present your projects in virtual reality, try SENTIO VR for free clicking here.



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