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Release notes, 15th September 2017

Upload audio files

We are excited to launch audio features on our platform. Here’s what you need to know about the audio features in SENTIO VR.

Upload audio files in mp3, wav or ogg format up to 1MB from your desktop and upload to the space you are creating or editing. Once you upload audio files to your space, you can select whether to add audio hotspots or background audio or both in each 360 image of the space. This gives you complete control over the presentation you plan to share with your audience.

Add audio hotspots

You can choose to create a audio hotspot that can be placed at any particular point on the 360 image. Click on the audio icon, place the icon on the image, choose the file and press OK to place an audio hotspot. When users click on it in 2D mode or gaze on it in VR mode, the audio file is played. Check example here

Add background audio

You can also choose to use a background audio. Click on the background audio icon, choose the file and press OK to set the background sound for each image on your space. When users view the space in VR or 2D mode, the background audio automatically starts playing.

Check example here

Automatic sync with all platforms

Once you’ve created your spaces with audio files in SENTIO VR, it is synced and ready to present in any platform you choose — as a web link or in Gear VR using the SentioVR app on Oculus Store and your access code.





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