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Release notes, 25th April, 2017

Web: Tour editor

You can now upload your 360 images & connect them via hotspots immediately so that your clients can navigate within the space. The hotspots work with a click while viewing on desktop & are enabled for VR-mode by gazing for 3 seconds.

Web: Live presentation mode

So while you’re presenting your space to a client in a meeting & she is viewing it on a Google Cardboard, how do you know what she is seeing ? No more questions like, “ Tell me what you are viewing right now”. It’s been a challenge faced by most architects using VR for presentations. We’ve solved this problem by launching a live presentation mode in the platform. Every space created now has two URLs: A “Presentation URL” for the presenter to view in real-time the space being viewed by your client and guide him & a “Viewer URL” which can be shared with your clients for them. Here’s how it works:

  • Share the “Viewer URL” with your client & open it on a mobile device

  • Open the “Presenter URL” on your browser

  • Select the device(s) on which the client is viewing & you’re ready.

App: Samsung Gear VR App

If you own a Samsung Gear VR, you can download & install our app to access your projects & content easily using these steps:

  • Enter the Oculus app on your Samsung phone

  • Go to Settings & enter "Redeem code"

  • Enter the Oculus Key ( write to ravi@sentiovr.com for the key )

  • Download the app, open and put the Gear VR

  • On the Home menu, Enter the "Account" Section

  • Enter the 6 digit code unique for your SENTIO VR account


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