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Release notes, 9th May 2017

1) Content: Support for all types of render formats

We have increased support for all formats of architectural renderings. The format previously supported was spherical panorama. Now, you can also upload stereo spherical panos, cubic maps (6:1) & stereo cubemaps ( 12:1)

2) URLs: New design for presenting your spaces

Each space now can be presented in a new and upgrade interface where you can see the image thumbnails below, space & image names along with icons to go fullscreen, sharing the space & hiding the entire toolbar for full viewing of 360 image.

Remember you can view live what your client is viewing by clicking on the presenter URL

3) Presentation mode with a new design

Each space has a unique Presentation URL which allows you to view in real-time what your client is viewing. You can choose the viewer from a the menu below & guide you client as they explore your space in VR or 2D mode !

4) Editor: Set startup view

If you want your users to start viewing the 360 image from a particular view, you can now do it in the editor by setting the view for each image in the space.





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