360 TOURS - How to Start

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1. Enter the SENTIO VR Platform (Login)


2. Select "Create 360 Tour"


3. Then select "Upload"


4. Upload your 360 renders, if you do not have, download some examples here.


5. Organize them as you want and press "Next"


6. In the 360 Editor, you can add "Hotspots", "Notes", Audios, Floor Plans and more.


7. Press next and wait a moment for the 360 Tour to create.


8. Share the 360 Tour with whoever you want through a link or with your code in the App

SketchUp to VR - How to visualize 3D models in Virtual Reality

1. Open your SketchUp model, select extensions warehouse and search SENTIO VR

2. Install SENTIO VR SketchUp Plugin


3. Click on the Login Icon to enter your account


4. Click on Select Scene to position users in virtual reality


5. Create a new scene in case you have not done it


6. Select the project folder to save your model and click upload


7. Your loaded Model Will appear on the Platform


8. Select a view in VR and note your 6 digit access code


9. Download SENTIO VR app on Oculus go or Samsung Gear


10. Enter your unique 6 digit access code


11. Select your 3D model


12. Walk through the 3D model with the oculus Controller options.

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Revit to VR - How to visualize 3D models in Virtual Reality

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1. Go yo Autodesk App Store and Search SENTIO VR

2. Download and install SENTIO VR Revit Plugin


3. Click On “More information” and Execute


4. Open your Revió Model


5. Login with your SENTIO VR account or sign Up if your are a new user


6. Select “Floor Plan View”, then select an existing view or create a new view


7. Upload selected view for vr experience


8. Note your 6 digit VR access code


9. Your loaded model will appear on the platform


10. Download SENTIO VR App on Oculus Go or Samsung Gear


11. Enter your unique 6 digit access code


12. Select your 3D Model


13. Walk through the 3D model with the Oculus Controller options

SENTIO VR Oculus App

How to install and use it


1. Install SENTIO VR App from Oculus Store using your Oculus Go Headset. If the app is already installed, you must uninstall it and reinstall it again to enjoy the new version


2. Get inspired with our users’ projects available in SENTIO VR Gallery and explore the experiences created by ArchDaily in our 360 Experience section


3. If you have 360 content or 3D renders, sign in your SENTIO VR account using your access code. If you don’t have any content yet, don’t worry, you can use our DEMO code 050588


4. In order to improve the VR experience, we will tell you how to use the controller in your 360 tours and 3D walkthrough


5. To walk through 360 tours To Select hotspots, notes, audios, floor points, press the “select” button


6. To go to the next image, use the touchpad and move your finger to the right, to go back, move your finger to the left.


7. If you uploaded a floor map, press the touchpad to open it


8. To go back to your projects, press the “back” button


9. To Walkthrough 3D models: To walk around your model, you must point down with the controller and press the “select” button


10. To move forward, press the top of the touchpad and to move backward, press the bottom of it.

11. To go back to your projects, press the “back” button

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