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Visualize the spaces in VR before you build them

Preview architectural designs immersively during pre-construction stage with precision & identify potential issues, make real-time adjustments before breaking ground

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Effortless Integration on Immersive 3D and 360 experiences


How Sentio VR can help in Construction and elevate your experience with innovative VR solutions

Minimize rework and save costly changes

Visualize projects in immersive detail before construction begins. Spot and resolve early potential issues, reducing the need for rework.

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Enhance teamwork & Project timelines through collaboration

Avoid meetings that cost time & money, improve project timelines, coordinate and review immersively through real-time collaboration


Prevent miscommunication with immersive visualization

Avoid miscommunication and provide a clear vision of the project by presenting designs in a true-to-scale environment

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Keep clients engaged & informed of the site progress

Enhance client satisfaction by allowing them to visualize and understand every stage of the project, from the initial plans to the final construction.

Insights & Testimonials

How Sentio simplifies VR in Construction

How does Windover Construction resolve key communication challenges in Construction using VR?

The nice thing about Sentio VR is its quick processing, ease of use, and high compatibility with Meta Quest which makes it easier to conduct client presentations without any high-end computer

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•     Amr Raafat

Chief Innovation Officer
Windover Construction


Whatever your tools, they are all covered

SketchUp to VR

The simplest plugin to transform your Sketchup designs to VR in 1-click for design reviews, client presentations and collaboration.

Supported versions SketchUp 2017 - 2023

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