The simplest way to present a Revit walkthrough to clients using VR

Revit to VR

Your 3D models to VIRTUAL REALITY

Walk inside your 3D Revit models using Oculus Quest 2

Intuitive Multi-user VR meetings

Engage project stakeholders anywhere, anytime using seamless VR meetings for reviewing 3D walkthroughs

Built for sharing with teams

Provide access to clients and stakeholders using access codes

No cables, software installations required

Once installed, use it anywhere without installations

Oculus Casting for in-person meetings

Easy to use casting option to see what clients see in meetings

How Revit VR plugin works

4 simple steps from Revit 3D model  to VR

Simple and online tools to prepare your client presentations.

1. Acount

Create account
(free for 14 days)

2. Install

Download SENTIO VR plugin for Revit and install direct.

3. Upload

Using the plugin, chose the better scenes from your 3D model

4. Meetings

Invite clients for mutiuser meetings in Oculus Quest  2 

VR Meetings

Intuitive Multi-user VR meetings

Meetings can be created to review any 360 tour or 3D model

  • Each meeting can have upto 1 host and multiple guests

  • Each meeting has a unique access code for host & guest

  • Additionally, only hosts have a unique password to start the meeting

  • Meeting starts automatically when host enters the access code & password

  • Hosts and guests can access meeting via VR App or Windows PC Application

Revit models 

Revit to VR

You found the easiest way to view and present your Sketchup models in Oculus Go and give to your customer an immersive experience.

Supported versions Revit 2017  - 2020

Free 14-day trial  

Cancel anytime






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