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Review Engineering BIM Designs
in VR Before Building Begins

Immerse yourself in projects, identify and solve complex engineering challenges with accuracy and reduce risk of errors in VR before construction begins

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Effortless Integration on Immersive 3D and 360 experiences


How Sentio VR can help in Architecture and elevate your experience with innovative VR solutions

Enhanced Design accuracy with every detail

Experience and inspect every element of engineering design immersively in detail to ensure designs are accurate, functional and fully optimized before construction begins.

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Identify challenges & minimize project risks

Spot & address potential MEP challenges early on, avoid costly mistakes and rework ensuring efficient project lifecycles


Engage clients with immersive presentations

Present complex engineering concepts in an understandable and interactive format and present your project’s potential in VR to gain client’s trust and satisfaction.

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Collaborate effectively across teams

Collaborate in real-time remotely with Engineers, Architects and stakeholders to gather real-time feedback, make informed decisions resulting in better project outcomes.

Insights & Testimonials

How Sentio simplifies VR in Engineering

How Westwood PS is using VR for increasing client engagement

it can be hard to comprehend a 2D floorplan or even a 3D model on a computer screen. The VR experience is very different. It puts you inside of an accurately scaled 3D virtual environment, just like it would be if the space were constructed.

•     Mitch Kroll

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Architectural Drafter Westwood


Whatever your tools, they are all covered

SketchUp to VR

The simplest plugin to transform your Sketchup designs to VR in 1-click for design reviews, client presentations and collaboration.

Supported versions SketchUp 2017 - 2023

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