The simplest VR tool to present
a SketchUp walkthrough

Transport your clients inside your SketchUp models using Virtual Reality in a few clicks.

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SENTIO VR clients
Sketchup to VR

Your 3D models to VIRTUAL REALITY

Experience and share SketchUp models in VR

Engage project stakeholders anywhere, anytime using seamless VR meetings for reviewing 3D

Sketchup plugin

Import your files using the plugin directly from SketchUp on Mac & Windows

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No complicated
software installations

Once installed, use it anywhere integrates directly with Sketchup

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Easily download from Oculus Store

Using access codes one click view or present your models. VR app installation available on Oculus Quest 2

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Join VR meetings with multiple people to review your designs remotely using seamless VR meetings for reviewing 3D walkthroughs

Go beyond floor plans to communicate designs

SENTIO VR helps clients understand your designs

Avoid communication errors

How Sketchup VR plugin works

4 simple steps from Sketchup 3D model to VR

Simple and online SketchUp model VR Viewer 


1. Acount

Create account
(free for 14 days)


2. Install

Download SENTIO VR plugin for Sketchup and install direct.


3. Upload

Using the plugin, chose the better scenes from your 3D model


4. Meetings

Invite clients for mutiuser meetings in Oculus Quest 2 

3D models to Virtual Reality

Sketchup to VR
made simple

The easiest way to transport your clients inside your Sketchup models so that they can understand your designs well

Supported versions SketchUp 2017 - 2021

SENTIO VR is a transformative software product that blows our clients' minds when we show them their projects and surprises us as designers. The interface is extremely easy to use I highly recommend this product to any Architect

Sentio vr client

Ken Mahood
Principal Architect at JH Architects

SENTIO VR is easy to navigate and extremely valuable in the field of design. The quality of the product is outstanding and integration with well-known platforms like Sketchup is useful.


Twyla Gurlea
Color View Consulting, USA

With Sentio VR being optimized for the Oculus Quest, we are able to provide the virtual reality experience without the need for a high end workstation. This allows us to bring the virtual reality to our clients anywhere.


Mitch Kroll,
Architect at Westwood Ops