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Immersive design review platform for the entire building lifecycle

Transform your client presentations, BIM design reviews & collaboration with Sentio:  a single, easy-to-use & secure platform that converts 3D designs to VR in minutes for the Design & Construction Industry

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Trusted by world’s leading Architecture & Construction firms


Trusted by world’s leading Architecture & Construction firms

Use Cases

Showcase your 3D designs with ease on our all-in-one platform

Easily convert your 3D models into VR presentations

Use Drag-and-drop of 360 panoramas and create lightweight presentations using rendering softwares like Twinmotion, Lumion, Enscape, 3Ds Max without the need for heavy files or complex setups.

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How Sentio VR Works

Virtual Reality in 4 simple steps

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For Your Business

We are widely used worldwide

1,000 +


Widely adopted in Architecture, Design & Construction community


Loved by users across the globe



Sentio VR is ISO 27001
certified for Information Security Management

Windover Construction

The nice thing about Sentio VR is its quick processing, ease of use, and high compatibility with Meta Quest which makes it easier to conduct client presentations without any high-end computer

     Amr Raafat
       Chief Innovation Officer

Warfel Construction

The web version of Sentio VR has contributed greatly to our workflow. It’s just a shareable link that you can send out to people and it’s great for the times when you don’t have VR goggles

   Rick Carter
     Director of Virtual Design
     & Construction


As Architects, we need to think very conceptual and we need to use sensitivity and translate into an experience a real person is going to have. Using VR is as closest you could get to reality, without having to build it, demolish it and build it again

   Angie Mendez
     Technology Director

Our Features

Unlock a world of possibilities with our cutting-edge features

Photorealistic client presentations

Transport your clients inside into designs exported from Lumion, Enscape, Twinmotion, V-Ray and more with the help of intuitive Drag-and-drop interface, creating engaging 360 tours for web and VR headsets.

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1-Click from Sketchup to wireless VR

Design your 3D model in Sketchup and export the model with 1-click into wireless VR to save time and streamline your workflow.

BIM Design Reviews with Revit Integration

Conduct comprehensive BIM Design Reviews with direct compatibility for Revit files, providing a realistic sense of scale, depth and spatial awareness.

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Native VR app for Meta Quest

Automatically convert your 3D files and 360 panoramas into VR in minutes on wireless VR headsets like Quest 3 and Pro without high-end GPUs.

Collaboration in real-time

Review and discuss designs in real-time from different locations for design reviews and BIM coordination using tools to measure, draw, annotate and generate issues reports to capture real-time feedback.


Our Collaborative Network


Ready to try Sentio VR?

Create an account and get started using Sentio VR, with full access to all of our features.

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