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New features for simple, elegant & interactive 360 Tours

Since SENTIO VR launched in 2017, thousands of virtual tours have been created on SENTIO VR by architects and designers across the world. The tours provide a simple way for clients to understand the designs intuitively as understanding floor plans or renders can be difficult creating communication errors.

While viewing 360 tours on a PC, mobile or a VR headset is a major improvement over traditional methods — it’s not enough. A lot of the 2D assets required for deeper communication are left out of the experience making it harder for architects & designers to manage the communication. Not anymore !

With the new SENTIO VR editor, architects and designers can now create simple, elegant & interactive 360 tours that can be shared across all devices ( PC, mobile or VR headsets) so that client engagement is deeper & better. Let’s tak a deeper look.

Integrating static images

Integrating mulitple floor plans

Integrating audio files 

Personalising the tour with logo and icons

A clean & elegant UI for mobile, PC & VR headsets

Looking to create and share 360 spaces with clients? www.sentiovr.com is an online platform that enables Architecture, Construction & Real Estate businesses to improve client engagement by making it very simple to convert 3D designs into immersive VR experiences. With direct integrations with 3D modeling platforms, intuitive user experience & focus on standalone VR — SENTIO VR has been trusted by users in 100+ countries to create and share their design presentations.

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