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The Importance of a Good Render

Why is so important the Architectural Visualization and 3D Rendering?

Let’s examine the importance about presenting with good renders, not only for architecture firms, if not for all the AEC supply chain. It’s a fact that in the promotion of the construction and design industry, the visualization and 3D rendering really does make a difference, but what makes the differentiation?

Competition in the Industry

Let’s say it like this, your projects visualization is like your business card. Of course, the design & quality, behind every edification, is the most important value, but even before it has any building been constructed, how you present it can have a big relevance.

This point becomes more important thinking about open competitions. At this level, presenting your work behind a project is the best tool you can use. Maybe competing with big and reputed firms will take time, but at least showing your design thinking through quality renders, will make your reputation grow.

Renders, your best promotional material

Especially when a single Architect, or a small firm, is starting to promote their work is crucial to get more clients and build reputation. Even when everything you have are ideas, if the imagery of those designs is well worked, and you take the time and effort to show that work as much you can, more clients will come.

Considering the importance of promoting the design work is also relevant for medium and big firms. It will have the same results than described in the last paragraph for them, but as a result of more resources, medium and big firms will have the option to outsource the renderings, and put focus and effort on other areas of the business.

Not only for Architects, but for all the industry

Talking about renders is on several industries and business, and the reason is pretty logical. The benefits of this way to communicate products and services, can impact not only in the sale of the product itself, but also on creating a better relationship with your clients, as it can be the link to get near to their lifestyles.

For example, for the Real Estate agents it can give them, an increase on their pre sales –on white & green sales-, a way to get near to those segments that value the good Architecture, and even for old buildings, a resource to give, to potential clients, a perspective on how a refurbished property could look like.

As conclusion, the importance of digital rendering is not only an esthetic way to communicate ideas and projects, but also a commercial tool for Industries to make a difference. At SentioVR we are committed to contribute to the Industry with the simplest way to take the rendering works, on immersive spaces on Virtual Reality, which will multiply all the benefits described on a 360 world.

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