• Ravi

How these 5 architecture firms use VR for presenting their designs

Presenting designs to clients can be a challenging task. While you perfectly understand the spaces you've built, your customers find it hard to feel the space. We've talked about how Virtual Reality is changing that as more and more architecture firms incorporate VR presentations in their client presentation workflows. Here's a list of 5 architectural firms from around the world who are using 360 renders and SENTIO VR to create simple yet compelling VR presentations for their clients to experience the space as if they were present.

To view the presentations in 360, click and move your mouse.

1. WHA Architecture, USA

Type: Modern three-story townhomes

Description: Walk-through of three story townhomes in the heart of Orange County in the model stage.

Softwares: Autodesk CAD, Sketchup, Lumion, Vray

Benefits of using VR: It allows our clients to visualize a project before it is built. This is a great design tool for the construction industry because it allows you to find and correct issues before the project is built. It helps save on cost of construction by providing a virtual representation of the floor plans and exteriors without having to build the models.

2. DG-LA, Venezuela

Type: Contemporary apartments located in the tropics

Description: Loft Fortaleza is conceived as the densification of the single-family dwelling, that is, the stacking of houses and their patios. More than living as a luxury apartment, its terrace perimeter, full of tropical species offer the quality of always inhabiting the ground floor. Fortaleza Loft is living the best version of the tropics.

Softwares: SketchUp, Vray, Photoshop

Benefits of using VR: The 360 experience has communicated perfectly with our philosophy of good design and attention to detail, allowing our clients to visualize their projects in a closer and more intimate way.

3. Utile, Canada

Type: Affordable student housing

Description: Our tours feature studios and shared apartments currently under construction for Montreal students

Softwares: Revit, Blender, Cycles Render

Benefits of using VR: We use VR both to collect feedback during the planning phase and to showcase ("visit") apartments during the leasing phase.

4. Designhaaus, India

Type: Duplex Residence

Description: This tour offers a walk-through for the duplex residence in Bangalore