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Explore the New Dollhouse, Sun and shadows features with Sentio VR

Feature update

Traditionally the Design and Construction professionals have to juggle between the immersive VR client presentations and Non VR devices for 2D content like images, floor plans and excels. This process of not being able to have everything together in one place in a VR environment disrupts the flow of presentation but also hinders the full potential of VR in these industries.

Our Newest Update bridges this gap. Now, users can upload a variety of 2D content directly into their VR presentations. This integration includes diverse file formats such as floor plans, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) layouts, Excel, PowerPoint, Word documents, and photos keeping all necessary presentation materials in one immersive environment.

How to add 2D images on the screen in the dollhouse?

The user-friendly and intuitive web portal of Sentio VR ( allows you to seamlessly attach and manage your 2D assets specific to each model, so that you have everything in one place that you need for your engaging presentations and design reviews.

Adding 2D images to the screen of the dollhouse is very easy. Customize the sequence of your 2D assets, much like arranging slides in a presentation which controls the narrative flow and enhances the impact of your VR presentation. 

2D image screen

Step 1: Select the Icon: Add 2D image in the dollhouse from the desired 3D walkthrough

Add 2d images in the dollhouse

Step 2: Drag-and-Drop the images from your Local PC to the folder

Drag and drop the images

Step 3: Upload Images, Edit names, customize positions of the images according to your preference

Upload all your floor plans, pdfs and excels in the format of png, jpg JPEG up to 2MB

upload, edit and customize images

Your 2D images are ready to be presented on screen in the meeting room in VR before your external stakeholders and clients

present in the dollhouse

Sun and Shadows Feature: Tailored for every scenario

The other feature that has been added is the Sun and shadows feature which improves visualization by adding shadow based on the time of the day and helps professionals present their projects in VR with an additional layer of depth and realism.

With the ability to toggle shadows on and off and adjust the time of day, users can now showcase their designs under varying light conditions ranging from 6 am to 7pm. Whether it's the soft glow of a 6:00 am sunrise or shadows of noon, this feature allows for a realistic representation of how the Sun interacts with structures.

Sun/shadow feature

Users can change the time of the day with one-hour intervals, enabling professionals to quickly demonstrate their designs at different times such as the below image


With these latest updates- innovative dollhouse and advanced Sun and shadows feature, Sentio VR aims to enhance the VR experience making it easier and more effective to present and visualize designs in VR. Sentio VR continues to innovate ensuring our users have the best tools at their fingertips for their design and construction needs.



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