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How to capture design review feedback via annotations in VR & generate reports?

VR workflow for Drawing, Notes & Screenshots using SENTI OVR

Imagine you are in a client presentation or an internal design review using a VR headset like Meta Quest 2 and you receive feedback to change something in the design. What do you do? Some of the answers we have received are:

  1. Remember the feedback and recall it later

  2. Take my headset off and make a note somewhere

If this has been your challenge, we have some good news. To make this workflow a lot more efficient, we suggest making use of the Annotations & Reports ( Released March 2023 ) feature. With this new update, we aim to make this workflow a lot more effortless by allowing users to capture feedback in 3D walkthroughs using annotations like drawing or text notes in VR and then accessing them outside VR using a simple URL. Here's how to make the best use of this feature.

Enter any 3D view of your uploaded model

Once you have uploaded your SketchUp/Revit designs to VR and entered your access code, you will see the model loaded in the Dollhouse view. To experience the model on a 1:1 scale, you can enter any particular scene/view.

Open the VR Menu using the left controller ( Menu Button )

Use the "Draw" Icon to sketch

Use the "Notes" Icon to add text annotation

Use the "Screenshots" Icon to take a photo

Save your changes to sync with the cloud

Access the screenshots by logging into the web portal

By using this workflow, you can not only visualize your 3D designs in VR but also capture feedback using simple annotation tools and access them via screenshots outside VR. The entire workflow is cloud-based and works seamlessly for making design reviews efficient and cross-platform!

To view a step-by-step tutorial, check out this video below:



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