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Plugin to view your Sketchup models in Oculus Go or Samsung Gear VR

SketchUp To VR
Plugin for Sketchup to VR in Oculus Go

If you have a Sketchup model that you would like to quickly view it in VR for a design review or client presentation — we’ve made it easier for you to do so through our plugin for Sketchup to Gear VR. The goal of the plugin is to enable you to view your Sketchup model in Virtual Reality in less than 10 minutes — no coding, installations or complexities.

A few things to remember:

  1. The plugin currently is for Windows users of Sketchup only

  2. Models with less than 250.000 polygons or 50MB work best

  3. Compatible VR devices for the plugin: Samsung Gear or Oculus Go

Step-by-step video walkthrough:

Here’s a video showing step-by-step process for viewing your Sketchup models in Oculus Go or Gear VR

Quick links:

  1. Sign up to create trial account here

  2. Download plugin from here

  3. Recommendations to optimise model here

We hope that this plugin will make it easier and simpler to review and present your Sketchup models in VR devices.



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