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Virtual Reality as an important tool in the AEC Industry

In the architecture, engineering and construction industry, we found a lot of tools that help to design teams in the early stages like concept, design, and sale of a product.

In the last years, virtual reality has been the tool that captioned the attention of the industry putting applications and specialized blogs talked about the topic.

This technology gives us to the possibility to visualize real spaces or spaces generated by software using a VR Headset that allows us to walk through all rooms a house or visit a famous monument on the other side of the world sitting in your sofa.

Some architecture offices use SENTIO VR to validate their designs in early stages, this way they focus their effort to develop ideas that are will include in the final design.

“We use VR both to collect feedback during the planning phase and to showcase ("visit") apartments during the leasing phase”. Utile, Canada

The goal of a presentation is that your audience, in this case, your costumer, can be happy with your exposition. Leave the planes and 2d images, increase your sales doing VR presentations and delight to your client with immersive experiences.

“The 360 experience has been coupled perfectly with our philosophy of the good design and attention to the details, allowing to our customers visualize the closer and intimate way their projects”

"SENTIO VR is a friendly to use platform, that allows you in a fast and easy way to take your projects to a new level of experience for users.". DG-LA, Colombia

In the Real State sector, building a model house could be very expensive, using virtual reality, is not necessary to build, for that SENTIO VR is perfect for the sale early stage projects.

“VR allows our clients to visualize a project before it is built. This is a great design tool for the construction industry because it allows you to find and correct issues before the project is built. It helps save on the cost of construction by providing a virtual representation of the floor plans and exteriors without having to build the models.” Wha Inc, Los Angeles

We effort to our clients could upload the simple way their 3D models and 360 images for visualize in our Oculus's App or in a browser and share with everyone.

“Simple, effective, with the features we need and a "plug-and-play" approach”. Utile, Canada

“SENTIO VR is an easy platform to use and has every tool necessary for conveying our projects to clients. Their staff is very responsive and helped resolve all the issues. Wha Inc, Los Angeles

Work on an architectural project could be a big challenge and a lot of work that can take time away to do other things. Improve the communication between your team, client and collaborators using the SENTIO VR's platform.

“As a designer, it helps us in visualizing space in a better manner which in turns results in aesthetically pleasing and efficient spaces. It further helps the client in understanding the design better and taking faster decisions. It also helps the construction team at the site during the execution phase”. Designhaaus, India

We want to maintain and strengthen the trust that AEC professionals have placed in SENTIO VR and together they continue to improve and develop solutions for the industry.

“Have been using this platform for the last couple of years. A very easy to use platform with continued effort to keep itself in sync with industry requirement is praiseworthy”. Designhaaus, India



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