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VR: State of Democratization

VR: State of Democratization

Contrary to what many of us used to think, the history of Virtual Reality comes from long time ago and if you go to Google or Wikipedia and read about it, you’ll find a history of perseverance full of ups and downs. Nowadays, we are living an apogee era of Virtual Reality, where big manufacturers, companies, developers and consumers are each time more immerse on this technology, its benefits and functions.

But how much has virtual reality penetrated the market?

This last apogee of Virtual Reality has come with a large list of manufacturers betting for this technology. Therefore is possible to find a big gamma of hardware, differentiated by its processors and themobile/static condition. Without doubting this means a big step on the democratization of VR, especially when it’s possible to find VR HMD for less than USD$ 100.

Virtual Reality Penetrated The Market

According to BOM’s Virtual & Augmented Reality 2017 Report the number of shipments for both categories on 2016 was 8.2 millions. Is important to mention that this analysis is not considering Cardboards, which is compatible with every phone that has a Gyroscopic. In case of considering it the number would increase sustainably.

Difference between projected & actual number of shipments

Going deeper on the analysis, there is a prominence of the mobile devices over PC and Consoles dependent VR devices. In between the different manufacturers involved in VR hardware production, the leadership is on Samsung whit its HMD Gear VR. So far they have shipped more than 5 million unites.

Different factors, as mobile processors and price, have contributed to the Virtual Reality overcrowding, and new initiatives by manufacturers — new compatibilities as the commented possibility between Samsung S8 & Google Daydream- will continue contributing for the democratization of this technology.

Meanwhile that happens, we’ll continue developing functions for this amazing technology.


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