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Which are the 7 best 360 virtual tour softwares?

Best 360 virtual tours softwares


Explore 7 Best 360 Virtual tour softwares

In the world of Design and Architecture, communicating design and space ideas effectively through 2D floor plans and renders has always been a challenge. Clients often find it challenging to fully grasp the spatial dynamics of a design through flat representations, hence moving beyond traditional methods of presentations become essential. The ability to create immersive, 360 virtual tours has played a transformative role in presenting and exploring spatial designs in an immersive environment ranging from real estate to education. Whether it’s to showcase designs and properties, offer virtual visits to remote locations, or create interactive learning experiences, the right 360 virtual tour software can make all the difference. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the 7 best 360 virtual tour softwares available in the market that will help you choose the perfect match for your immersive environment needs.

7 Best 360 Virtual tour softwares

3D Vista

3DVista is a professional virtual tour software for creating interactive and immersive virtual tours. It is compatible with a wide range of 360 cameras, 3DVista supports various media types, including panoramic photos, 360 videos, and 3D models, to create rich and engaging virtual experiences​.

Best for

It's best suited for real estate, education, and businesses looking to offer detailed virtual experiences with integration of multimedia elements.

Key Features

  • Live guided tours and virtual meeting rooms for real-time presentations.

  • Customizable hotspots to engage viewers by embedding videos, audio, and other interactive elements directly within the tour.

  • E-learning Enhancements by Incorporating quizzes and certifications to create educational content within tours.

  • Password protected tours to maintain the privacy of clients

  • Share or view your 360 Virtual tours both offline and online


Matterport is a leading-edge platform specializing in 3D capture and spatial data, enabling users to create, edit, and share digital twins of physical spaces. Its technology is highly known for producing high-quality, immersive virtual tours which enhances the way professionals and businesses visualize and interact with real-world locations.

Best for

Ideal for real estate agents, architects, and construction professionals who need to capture and share detailed and immersive representations of physical spaces for listings, design, or documentation.

Key features

  • Create High-Quality 3D Capture lifelike digital twins of physical spaces

  • Easy collaboration with versatile sharing options across devices


Kuula is a versatile and user-friendly virtual tour software, which  simplifies the process of creating and sharing immersive 360 virtual tours, making it an excellent tool for professionals aiming to present spaces in precise detail​s.

Best for

Ideal for real estate agents, educators and architects who seek simple and effective solutions to showcase properties, educational content and architectural designs.

Key Features

  • Powerful virtual tour editor which allows the creation of engaging tours with custom hotspots, nadir and zenith patches and interactive cards, 

  • Kuula’s supports all panoramic and non-panoramic images and its compatibility with 360 cameras as well as DSLR images helps stitching images into panoramas

  • Smooth and efficient virtual tour player on web providing immersive experience with precise details

  • 360 Virtual tours experience optimized for mobile viewing

  • Easy customization options along for branding along with easy sharing links or embeds


CloudPano is a leading platform for 360° virtual tour creation, which allows users to create and share immersive experiences without the need for coding. It's known for its simplicity, enabling professionals across various industries to showcase spaces in stunning detail.

Best for

Ideal for real estate agents, educators, construction professionals who seek more engagement through interactive virtual tours and live 360 video chat 

Key features

  • White label the whole experience by removing Cloudpano branding and using your own URL

  • Live 360° Video Chat to directly engage with clients in a 360° environment for real-time tours and presentations

  • Quickly generate MLS-compliant tours, simplifying real estate listings.

  • Securely download and present your tours to the clients offline without internet

  • Build and edit tours directly from your mobile device, supporting both iOS and Android


Pano2VR stands out for its flexibility and the high level of customization it offers. Users can transform their panoramic photos into interactive 360 tours with customizable skins, dynamic hotspots, and embedded multimedia content.

Best for

Ideal for professionals in photography, real estate, tourism, and museums looking to create high-quality virtual tours.

Key features

  • Create immersive tours by linking panoramic scenes with transitions and enhance location context with built-in maps or floor plans.

  • Patch Mode to correct image imperfections non-destructively for improved visuals.

  • Use the Skin Editor for unique interface designs for custom buttons and controllers

  • Gigapixel Support to Allow deep image zooming for amazing details.

  • Supports Wordpress plugin to export tours as HTML5 for website embedding 

  • VR compatibility with WebVR to create an immersive VR experience directly from a web page and VRTourviewer  app integration for offline VR tours. 

Easy Pano

Easypano is a professional Virtual tour creation software that caters to a wide range of industries and helps them streamline the process of creating high-quality panoramic images, virtual tours, and VR tours – making it a great choice for both beginners and professionals. Their software is compatible with both Windows and macOS.

Best for

Ideal for Hospitality, real estate, tourism, retail and automobile stores which expect the software to be both user friendly and versatile yet crating high quality virtual tours with still images or panoramas

Key features

  • Panoramic stitching stitches together multiple photos to create a wide, panoramic image. Easypano offers different stitching options, including auto stitching and batch stitching.

  • Link panoramas allow users to link multiple panoramas together to create a virtual tour. Users can also add maps and hot spots to their virtual tours.

  • Easypano's software allows users to view their virtual tours in VR headsets or share them via web

  • Mobile device compatibility allows virtual tours to be viewed on mobile devices and PCs.

Sentio VR

Sentio VR is an easy-to-use 360 virtual tour platform that is highly compatible with Meta Quest. It’s known for its simplicity and cloud-based workflow that allows you access VR experiences from anywhere in the world with seamlessly integration with your existing design workflow  allowing users to bring photorealistic 3D content from existing tools like Lumion, Enscape, Twinmotion, and more to enable high-quality VR walkthroughs in minutes.

Best for

Ideal for: 

  • Architecture & Design Professionals to present projects with immersion and identify potential issues in early design process

  • Engineering & Construction to streamline workflows, create immersive experiences from 360 panoramas.

  • Educators and students to understand and explore spatial relationships and complex concepts through immersive experiences

Key Features

  • Effortless Workflow: Direct Revit and Sketchup integration, plus a drag-and-drop interface for 360 panoramas.

  • Standalone VR: Sentio VR's Oculus Quest Lab app enables easy access immersive experiences directly from the headset without the need to be connected to a PC

  • Powerful Customization: Personalize tours with hotspots, floor plans, multimedia, and branding.

  • Seamless Collaboration: Share lightweight links for remote presentations or host remote VR meetings for real-time design review.

  • Multi-user collaboration: Join multi-user collaboration meetings in real-time and review designs with external stakeholders and clients

  • On-Site Integration: Import 360 photos from cameras (Insta360, Ricoh Theta) to track progress.

  • Offline Access: Download tours for viewing even without an internet connection


In conclusion, Choosing the right 360 virtual tour software is crucial for transforming how you present and share spatial designs. While all the 360 virtual tour software options explored offer unique advantages, Sentio VR stands out for its simplicity and ease-of-use while seamlessly integrating with design and construction workflows. Its intuitive interface, standalone VR capabilities, real-time collaboration features, and adaptability across various use cases make Sentio VR the ideal choice for architects, engineers, construction professionals, and educators. With Sentio VR, you can significantly enhance how you communicate designs, streamline presentations, and immerse clients, students, and stakeholders in truly engaging virtual experiences.

Ready to elevate your presentations and collaboration? Contact Sentio VR's team today!



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