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New updates: Sketchup to Gear VR

We are happy to share with you a few important updates we've been working on recently. Here are the most relevant new additions:

Sketchup to Gear VR extension

For Sketchup and Gear VR users, our new extension for Sketchup allows you to view your skp models in Gear VR directly - and walk inside the model by gazing at any point. 

Note: Use Sketchup 2017, 2018 on Windows and files less than 40MB for best results

Simpler real-time monitoring of presentations

Monitoring what your clients are viewing in VR is key for a good presentation and we've made it easier for you to do that now. In the Portfolio tab for any project, you can see the number of viewers looking at your portfolio - on web and/or Gear VR and select the user you want to monitor what they are viewing in real-time.

Adding members to your projects

Collaboration is key to any project - and we have introduced the option for you to add any team member or client at project level. All you need is to share their email ID, so that they get an invite and can start accesing or working on your project.





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