• Ravi

Release notes, 22nd June, 2017

1) Web platform: Redesigned space editor

Redesigned web editor for each space where you can add

a) add text notes b) add directional hotspots c)set start view for each 360 image.

2) Gear VR app: View hotspots and texts

a) Gaze at the hotspots to change to another image in the space b) Gaze at the text notes icon to see the notes created on each 360 image

3) Download the SENTIO VR App on Gear VR & Oculus Store

SENTIO VR App is now available for download on the Store. Just search for SENTIO VR, download the app and access your account using the 6 digit code for your account.

4) Enabled gyroscope in mobile view of spaces

When you share your space URLs on a mobile browser, you can move the phone around to view in 360 using the gyroscope of the phone.





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